Outrage Over The Sanctuary's Halloween Bash, abandoned trash as evidence.

Outrage over The Sanctuary’s Halloween bash swelled on Monday. Residents from as far as a quarter-mile away complained about noise. RIOC claimed PSD had everything under control, but a resident hotly disputes that, calling it an “absolute lie.” Video supports the resident. “This is infuriating,” wrote Asha on a postContinue Reading

Wegmans Opens in New York City

Wegmans opens in New York City, and it really is a big deal. But critics say we are going backwards, bringing upstate car culture to unprepared urban streets. There’s more to Wegmans opening in the Brooklyn Navy Yard than greater variety and more inventory. There’s cars feeding a shared 700Continue Reading

Art Inspired by Louis Kahn

Art Inspired by Louis Kahn: Last year, Louis Kahn’s “era defining” architecture earned a show at the Design Museum of London. For 2019, it’s Roosevelt Island’s Gallery RIVAA, and Kahn’s influence on contemporary art. Photo credit: all pictures courtesy of Tad Sudol, Gallery RIVAA Contemporary art inspired by Louis KahnContinue Reading

Let’s ditch the unconscious. It’s a myth, Nineteenth Century woo-woo Freud made popular. It fit the uptight Viennese of the time, but today, it’s a default for misunderstanding our own nature.