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What Are The Three Dumbest Ideas About Extraterrestrials And UFOs?

The dumbest ideas about extraterrestrials are so massively stupid, they generally pass by without notice. Press and television reports always miss them, but as you’ll see, they’re really obvious. By David Stone Assorted Ideas Large & Small Dumbest Ideas About Extraterrestrials and UFOs: Item #1 Here’s what got […]

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A new congressional resolution asserts it’s not only possible to end poverty, but morally necessary. By Sarah Anderson | June 2, 2021 Originally published in OtherWords Amidst partisan haggling over President Biden’s infrastructure proposal, the Poor People’s Campaign and several lawmakers recently outlined a comprehensive moral vision for the nation. […]

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Emotions get better with age

Q&A — Psychologist Susan Turk Charles As people grow older, they gain greater control of their feelings. How do they do that — and can they teach young whippersnappers a thing or two? By Tim Vernimmen 5.5.2021 When we are young, our skills tend to improve with age and […]

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Biden wants corporations to pay for his $2 trillion infrastructure plans, echoing a history of calls for companies to chip in when times are tough

Stephanie Leiser, University of Michigan President Joe Biden just proposed a roughly US$2 trillion infrastructure plan, which he ambitiously compared to the interstate highway system and the space race. He aims to pay for it solely by taxing companies more, including the first increase in the corporate tax […]