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Goodbye Roosevelt Island Gristedes, Hello Foodtown

Roosevelt Island’s Gristedes “megastore” makes way for Foodtown in 2020. Rumored since summer, the change is underway and becomes official in February. Expect a ribbon-cutting event soon.

Brain in your head

A Guide to Your Three Brains

What’s the hardest part of loving your three brains? Really knowing you have three? But you’ve known about them all along, haven’t you? Take a look. By David Stone “Use Your Head” We’ve all heard that one. Usually when someone believes we haven’t. It’s our best tool. So, […]

MST&DA’s Musical Holiday 2019

MST&DA’s Musical Holiday 2019 comes into focus. “Looks like our Christmas Carol cast will be in costume caroling by the subway,” Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance executive director Kristi Towey tells The Daily. Then, they gather at Rivercross, kicking off the 2019 Tree Lighting Festival with a […]

Cuomo vetoes ebike bill

Bicycle Riders At Risk

Bicycle riders at risk is a weekly theme in New York City where deaths increased dramatically in the past year. Debates follow. Who’s at fault, reckless drivers or careless riders? But people are dying, and here on Roosevelt Island, enforcement of existing laws is non-existent.