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New York City Sunrise: Fire in the sky

What is startling about New York City Sunrise: Fire in the sky is that it faces west, not east. Early morning clouds catch the rising sun like a fireball crossing over Manhattan.

Shoes: Real Time Photography

About Shoes: Real Time Photography…  “A decision must be made…” That caption came to mind when I saw a pair of shoes left beside a doorway. They were just a pair of shoes, but these were different. Especially in bad weather, people leave their shoes out. They dry […]

Canal Street New York City

Canal Street New York City

Canal Street, New York City, is where anything loose in the city seems to tumble. This fine art photograph is a kind of composite. From Chinatown to McDonalds, all along the subway spine. Canal Street Station in Chinatown is a kind of found art everywhere you look, an […]

Ioan Popoiu’s As The Footsteps Fall

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019, As The Footsteps Fall, opened in the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech. The exhibit has four large abstracts by Ioan Popoiu. By David Stone Cabo de hornos disolves, acrylic on canvas by Ioan Popoiu Popoiu escaped the communist regime of Romanian dictator Nicolae […]