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When my bother died, a poem… When my brother died, the warmth of the universe diminished perceptibly at every official measuring station and did not recover. Saturday morning shower of ideas… It started with my father. On a Saturday morning, as I was getting into the shower, maybe before whenContinue Reading

When my father died, a wall that stood forever crumbled. Every room across the universes was forced to adjust. About When my father died… When my father died is a poem that came to me in the shower. A lot of ideas do that. They find room to pop upContinue Reading

I will see you later was inspired by William Carlos Williams, an American poet I stumbled on as a teenager. I loved poetry and got turned on by verses that dodged cliches and said something simple and genuine. With a little luck, I hope I did him justice.

Omnibus 1965 Poem

Omnibus 1965 Poem Who could ever forget? Riding all night on that half-empty Greyhound, waking in the alone notime darkness of Nebraska waking to the smell of gristmill corn, being filled, mistaking, in half-sleep, the scent of being in love again…   Traveling other roads, 1972 I find my childContinue Reading