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Hard Dreams Poem

Hard Dreams Poem

Hard Dreams poem.. One night, deep in an uncertain period in my life, I sat in the dark, smoking a cigarette and looking down a narrow alley to the street at a single streetlight. Cars and trucks blurred under it. Insights came, showing me how it’s all makebelieve, […]

Navy's New Guidelines for UFOs

Poem: I remember everything

I remember everything… I remember everything I remember everything promise, vow, commitment, engagement Name it Kept every one, no exceptions Afloat in mild night air, seventeen I knew I’d love her for all my life Can still feel the joy of my heart swelling, filling my body Nothing […]

The Crisis to Which We Now Refer

It’s just that coming home around six a.m. I knew this place was Rome four days after the sacking I imagined the rescue of the children hustled out of a crashing courtyard in an old, blue Ford Your crossword puzzles were everywhere Like a bomb-shocked ancient citizen returned […]


Our guests had gone home, hours ago. Dishes done, drying on the rack, you lounged in one of our old chairs,  reading God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. A lamp hung a lemon umbrella above you. Across the room, I sunk into Robert Lowell, interrupting you all the time […]