Category: Poetry

That Critical Summer 1975

we wait for snow at a barn dancebrave men on some god-forsaken bridge we wait for snow where a gas jockey pumpsa stream of pink horses into infinity, 1920

Tuning Fork Poem

It’s not world peace not even the end of hunger It isn’t fairness, respect or inspiration   A search for words futile as perfect love,  a tune heard early then lost among songs   It isn’t even brotherhood   Tuning fork you are the search for perfect pitch […]

We All Miss Ralph

Circa 1968         In a Hawley Street laundromat, the urban housewife’s last resort become a resource for hippies I am waiting for our clothes to dry sitting atop a washer, reading a paperback my feet draped in front of the window We’re all cool   […]

A Walk With Edgar Allen Poe

  Poe walked with me along the Hudson, the sullen edge of the river now braced with concrete,  losing the battle between land and sea.   “We had no cars,” Poe muttered. “We did have horse shit, however. Me, I’ll sustain the exhaust fumes. You run no risk […]

Collage Poem

    Set it up here Include all audio   Yellow light streams over the brown-green rim of the hill,  edges roughened with forest. I stand at the sink, storm windows swung open Over the ribbed, white edge of frost light coming down over the hilltop, skidding across […]