Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony

The Howe Theatre Dedication Ceremony on October 26th honored Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance pioneers, Worth and Nancy Howe. RIOC staged a celebration, dedicating Roosevelt Island’s performance space to them. Advertisements

Seawright Open to RIOC Residency

Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright is now open to a residency requirement for RIOC’s executive, she told the Roosevelt Island Daily. She will talk with Senator José Serrano about “reintroducing” abandoned legislation. Seawright Answers Roosevelt Island Daily Query We reported on a bill Seawright sponsored that updated a law enabling RIOC.Continue Reading

Outrage Over The Sanctuary's Halloween Bash, abandoned trash as evidence.

Outrage over The Sanctuary’s Halloween bash swelled on Monday. Residents from as far as a quarter-mile away complained about noise. RIOC claimed PSD had everything under control, but a resident hotly disputes that, calling it an “absolute lie.” Video supports the resident. “This is infuriating,” wrote Asha on a postContinue Reading

Art Inspired by Louis Kahn

Art Inspired by Louis Kahn: Last year, Louis Kahn’s “era defining” architecture earned a show at the Design Museum of London. For 2019, it’s Roosevelt Island’s Gallery RIVAA, and Kahn’s influence on contemporary art. Photo credit: all pictures courtesy of Tad Sudol, Gallery RIVAA Contemporary art inspired by Louis KahnContinue Reading

Amanda Matthews Picked for Nellie Bly Monument

RIOC Picks Amanda Matthews for Nellie Bly Monument “The Girl Puzzle” will be located in Lighthouse Park The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) selected Amanda Matthews/Prometheus Art to construct the Nellie Bly Monument. The installation lands on the northern end of Roosevelt Island at Lighthouse Park. Recently, Lighthouse Park hostedContinue Reading