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Thinking up you

The Uncaptain of a Nonship

You are un-directing the passage, right? You are non-navigating the ship I feel, in long hysterical drifts      that I am on the formless threshold           of an enormous room without walls                and that you are […]

The Witch Next Door

Holy Shit    Christmas Eve, snow finally fell from an infinitely gray overcast, hovering since dawn and hanging motionless into the afternoon. Still coming down hard after dark, it resolved the village below us in a pinkish haze, a fog-shrouded pool with fuzzy streetlights struggling to pierce through. […]

Life as a reflection.

What If You Died Right Now…?

What is you died right now…? Meditators believe they’ve had out of body experiences, insights into the spiritual side. But are their insights complete? Do they tell us about life after death…?  Meditators who’ve had out of body experiences offer insight into the spirit world. But while what […]

Funny Music Sample Chapter

 …a sample chapter from Funny Music by David Stone Maggie was waiting at home. I had to bring her car back soon.    She’d accepted responsibility for driving me to the bus station, the dumpy, neglected art deco place that still lit its Greyhound sign over Main Street, awaiting the […]