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New WFF Sanctuary

Southpoint Wildlife Sanctuary: Where Rescued Animals Find Love

The Wildlife Freedom Foundation — WFF — Southpoint animal sanctuary is more than you probably know. And better than you expect.

Pablo Picasso's Cat Before A Mirror

Picasso’s Cat Before a Mirror

Picasso’s Cat Before A Mirror… You’d have an interesting time and very likely get lost, taking a hike through the mind of Pablo Picasso like this cat did. From Famous Artists’ Cats: The Book By David Stone No guarantee the experience would be pleasant; in fact, you could […]

When George Died

When George died…

When George died is a short poem about a cat who changed my life…. When George died,every cat in the universesstopped purring for precisely one second.The change in vibrations never reversed. More from a morning’s inspiration… When my father died When my brother died When my mother died […]