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A man, an artist, a failure MUST PROCEED.” e.e. cummings

By the time I was 20, I’d read and loved a lot of e. e. cummings, Ezra Pound, Robert Frost, Carl Sandberg and many others, but I picked this line, not even one that came from a poem, as a motto.

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It didn’t say, “Never give up.” It said, “You can’t.”

I learned this lesson countless times, brokenhearted, out of money, betrayed , stuck with unhappy choices . You just have to get on with it.

You have to do whatever your best is, take the risks and enjoy the pleasures. The pleasures are far more numerous.

The consistent thing, throughout my life, from my first aborted teenage novels and poems, is words. Words put together make sentences, verses, paragraphs, stories and revelations.

Words, kept me sane and organized. They taught me that they were nothing more than symbols, and symbols serve conceptual purposes. They are never real things but, for many, as close as they will ever get.

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That said, at this writing, my main occupation is The Roosevelt Island Daily, a local online newspaper here in New York City of which I’m founding editor and publisher. This blog, into which I’ve consolidated all the others I’ve been managing, is a work in progress where I hope to extend the boundaries of free speech and awareness.

Having been disappointed with once promising article writing sites, like Squidoo, HubPages and Seekyt, I decided, as I have with so many other things, to make up my own rules to the broadest extent possible. WordPress lets me do that.

My books are on my Amazon Author Page.

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Originally from Binghamton, New York, David Stone is a New York City based writer of novels, nonfiction books, online content on several platforms as well as a hard copy journalist and reviewer.

He is the author of the Travels With George series of cat adventure and travel books that are illustrated by his wife, cat artist Deborah Julian.

“My novels spring from a backdrop of the revolutionary Sixties, when the sleepy Post War American conformity and contentment was blown apart from more angles than you can count – civil rights, Vietnam, modern art, beats, hippies and the counterculture. My main character, Peter McCarthy, had his most formative experiences in the Sixties. But then, the energetic decade fell into the disillusion of the Seventies. Peter navigates his way through and beyond.”


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“I don’t know how to explain my nonfiction books, which I never expected to write. But there they were. I had to type them out and put them between covers. These were two of the most surprising, exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had.

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“I’m lucky to be married to an artist who loves travel and cats as much as I do. I managed to recruit her to make my stories of George and Billy’s travels come alive in full color (often funny) illustrations.” 

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