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The Fine Art Shop @ Assorted Ideas

Featuring Fine Art Photography by Deborah Julian

The Fine Art Shop @ Assorted Ideas treats images as equal to all other ways of expressing thought. Expand with creative, visual perception. We think in pictures, when we want. Individual variations don’t change the fact that we all share everything.

Fine Art Shop at Assorted Ideas
Our minds where they belong, in the clouds…
Image by Deborah Julian

It’s scary to think, but the world “out there” is not fixed. “It” is not out there at all. It’s in here, ever emerging inside your mind.

Creatively looking at the world

Minds build extraordinary worlds. We add the ingredients that keep it fluid. We treat minds like athletes’ treat their bodies, the more limber the better.

Flexibility promotes health and protects against damage. In your mind, too.

Stretching your muscles for health is more than arms and legs. Stirring neural networks allows you to see more and make more.

Flexible Fine Art Shop

Some Fine Art Shop Examples at Assorted Ideas

Good ideas should make you think again. And richer.


Deborah Julian is a street photographer who lives and works in New York City. She’s originally from Buffalo where she specialized in press and publicity work. After moving to New York City and earning a degree in Art History at Manhattan Marymount College, her photography has been exhibited in juried shows throughout the U.S.

Her pictures are notable for ironic realism with splashes of humor. She’s a colorist who’d like to do more in black and white. Her subjects were captured in New York City and Europe.

David Stone is a New York City based writer who originated the Assorted Ideas blog as a place for alternative ways to understand the universe swarming around us. His ideas are sprinkled throughout. For the Fine Art shop, he shares visual ideas that are narrative, static observations caught on the fly.

It’s a store…

The Fine Art Shop @ Assorted Ideas sells images that stir thoughts. We want our pictures to be welcome in homes, offices, as gifts and as inspirations. They are for us and for our friends and customers.

Shipping is always free to U.S. destinations. No checkout surprises. We go USPS, First Class. If you need alternative shipping or are outside the U.S., use the contact form below to tell us how we can help you.

We guarantee that you will love anything we send you. Don’t like it? Not what you expected? Contact us with any questions, comments or thoughts you want to share.

Questions or comments? Reach us here…


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