Secrets of cats and water, example #1

      Everything Tastes Better with Cat Hair In It Print / Deborah Julian Art When you set out to write about cat prints with sayings, it makes sense to start out with humor, don’t you think? Among the many things cats have given us over the years –Continue Reading


Glimpse of the Past   Courtesy Deborah Julian Street Photography Try as hard as I have, I can’t remember what road I took to that odd place in gritty downtown Binghamton . I don’t know from what circumstance I climbed up the stairs or why I came here, to this apartmentContinue Reading

How Hippies Saved Physics

What do you think about when you think of the 1960s? Hippies? Advances in Civil Rights? The Vietnam War? I looked at the dark years, starting with 1965, that seeded the future.   1965 – Hippie Counterculture in the Dark   We were Roosevelt and Truman babies, some Eisenhowers laterContinue Reading

It’s just that coming home around six a.m. I knew this place was Rome four days after the sacking I imagined the rescue of the children hustled out of a crashing courtyard in an old, blue Ford Your crossword puzzles were everywhere Like a bomb-shocked ancient citizen returned to anContinue Reading

Our guests had gone home, hours ago. Dishes done, drying on the rack, you lounged in one of our old chairs,  reading God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. A lamp hung a lemon umbrella above you. Across the room, I sunk into Robert Lowell, interrupting you all the time to readContinue Reading