Supernatural, Part Two What’s special about people now? Since we’ve followed the tone of Nietzsche’s Übermensch, the super man toward which we’d stretch in escaping the legacy of our disgusting simian ancestors, has our music grown sweeter or more discordant? Does the zeitgeist allow us to as genuinely respond toContinue Reading


Like, do we ever really have one? What is a vacation, after all? When I was a boy, it meant sleeping late in the morning, no yellow school bus, black lettering on the side announcing the district, advancing up through the sunny morning along the shank of the foothill onContinue Reading

“I am not an animal!” John Hurt, an embattled creature,  declared in The Elephant Man. But that just begs the question: how different are we, the human animal, really? I mean, once you get passed the hubris and ego?