Cats in Van Gogh’s Bedroom

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Cats in Van Gogh’s Bedroom is whimsical parody artwork by Deborah Julian, an art history graduate whose cats invaded her artistic psyche.


Cats in Van Gogh’s Bedroom is cat art created by Deborah Julian. She’s an art history graduate taken to school by cats, and they keep finding each other.

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Imagine it’s 1888 and Van Gogh’s more active than ever. He’s moved to Arles, and Gauguin comes and goes. His paintings are pure genius, but years pass before the world notices. By then, it’s too late for Vincent.

Van Gogh hauled his easel and paints out into the windswept landscape every day. He was incredibly prolific, painting masterpiece after masterpiece. But when he came home, exhausted, after sunset, he faced a problem.

About the cats in Van Gogh’s bedroom

Van Gogh painted at least four versions of his bedroom. The colors varied, but no one included his cats until now.

Deborah Julian found them, and doing so, she uncovered the mystery of why he got so crazy.

Like many cat lovers, he had a lot of trouble sleeping. As you can see, every possible resting spot is taken by one of his cats, and Vincent was too damn good-hearted to move them.

Sleeping on the floor was only slightly better than sleeping standing up.

This artwork is included in Famous Artists’ Cats: The Book. It, along with Matisse Goldfish with Cats, are her bestselling images.

Cats in Van Gogh’s Bedroom is 8 1/2 X 11 inches. Deborah Julian prints exclusively in her workshop from her digital creation and signs each print on the white boarder beneath the image. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with any print, contact us for a full refund or exchange, your call.



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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in
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