Old Roosevelt Island Tram


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View: Old Roosevelt Island Tram

See the past in this fine art print. Roosevelt Island  replaced the iconic tram with a newer, faster, safer model. But the cabin here, passing a support for the Queensboro Bridge, made an entire community possible. It glided silently to and from Manhattan, crossing the East River.

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The  Tram ferried passengers  into the Midtown Manhattan skyline, nestling between buildings to reach 2nd Avenue. There, it docked, unloaded and made its return trip. For the price of a subway ride, day and night, passengers got spectacular views of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan.

“I took this picture next to the Queensboro Bridge’s western pier on Roosevelt Island. The Tram loved as an integral part of Roosevelt Islanders’ lives was just lifting off for another trip to the big island.”

Old Roosevelt Island Tram as an 8 1/2 X 11 inch giclee fine art print. The photographer, Deborah Julian, does all of the printing on archival paper and signs each on the white border at the bottom of the print.

The tram was originally built when the islands first residents needed a way to commute until a new subway tunnel was built. But it was such a beloved part of life on Roosevelt Island, it stayed. The old tram, shown above, was retired in 2010, replaced by a newer model. But I still see it every day. The relic sits gathering dust beneath a parking garage across the street from me.

Tram cabins collect dust under a parking garage.


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