Red Fire Escape, Soho NYC Fine Art Print


Red Fire Escape Soho NYC captures the urban landscape at the street level where color dramatizes an ordinary scene and makes it artful and beautiful.

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About the Red Fire Escape Soho NYC Fine Art Print

“Walking from Soho toward Tribeca, camera over my shoulder, I was lucky to stumble on this. This beautiful image stopped me in my tracks.” —Deborah Julian

“Originally, I thought the red fire escape was what the image was about. But shoppers saw the bicycle first. I expected the bright red would grab the eye, but it was the simple, idled bicycle they landed on.”

“It’s been popular for me, either way. It’s so decorative people can immediately visualize it on their walls.”

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The Red Fire Escape, Soho NYC Fine Art Print

…is an 8 1/2 X 11 giclee. It’s finished on museum quality, archival Epson paper. The photographer prints exclusively in her own workshop. No outsourcing. Prints on the white border beneath the image or on the reverse.

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Prints shipped United States Postal Service, First Class. Sealed in clear plastic. Cardboard backing prevents bending and wrinkles.

Every sale is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, but if you’re unhappy with anything, let us know. We refund your money or replace the item, whichever you prefer.

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Find additional versions of this print with and without mats in Deborah Julian’s Fine Art Street Photos Shop on Etsy.

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