Twilight in Reykjavik Print


Our Twilight in Reykjavik Iceland print captures the unique light that fills the late day hours on the long days near the Arctic Circle.

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About our Twilight in Reykjavik Iceland Print

“I fell in love with the fresh, crisp colors in the sub-arctic twilight, the architecture and streets of Reykjavik. It’s Iceland’s surprising, vibrant capital city. Twilight goes on forever as the sun set slowly in the North Atlantic.” — Deborah Julian

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Twilight in Reykjavik Iceland is  an 8 1/2 X 11 giclee print on Archival Epson Paper. All prints finished exclusively by the artist. Signed on the white border beneath the image or on the back.

Twilight in Reykjavik, Iceland

Accepted in  juried exhibits around the country, this print really captures the beauty of Iceland as the dark winter rolls out into lasting sunsets.

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Reykjavík is believed to be the location of the first permanent settlement in Iceland, which, according to Landnámabók, was established by Ingólfr Arnarson in AD 874. Until the 19th century, there was no urban development in the city location. The city was founded in 1785 as an official trading town and grew steadily over the following decades, as it transformed into a regional and later national centre of commerce, population, and governmental activities. It is among the cleanest, greenest, and safest cities in the world. —Wikipedia

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