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Roosevelt Island Daily News for Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

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  1. There was no red bus to NYC at 3PM yesterday and I was told that the drivers were taking an hour break.

    • Holiday weekend, and maybe while the cat’s away… Maybe they got hung up with rerouting to 2nd Avenue. But anyway, my wife’s ran into gaps, many times, sometimes in bad weather…

  2. Hi David, now that they are allowing people older than 75 to get the vaccine I would like Dr. Resnick to have the opportunity of distributing it. He is my doctor and he has lots of elderly patients who are now eligible for the vaccine. Is there anything you can do to publicize the fact that the vaccine should be distributed here on the island at Dr. Resnick’s office? I have called Ben Kallos and they said they would work on it. But you know how that goes. Please, Dave, see what you can do. Thank you.
    Nancy Brown

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