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Our small town in the big city…

Roosevelt Island News is published fresh daily for a small town settled in the heart of New York, America’s greatest city.

F Trains, Roosevelt Island Tram, NYC Ferry and Q102 Bus on weekday schedules. No problems heading into rush hour. LATE NIGHT: This week, no subway service from Queens into Manhattan, from 9:45 p.m. until 5:00 a.m, nightly.

Check current subway status, all lines, here.

RIOC’s plans for Southpoint Park begin taking shape…

RIOC upgrades Southpoint Park, starting with the shoreline damaged by Super Storm Sandy.
Phase 1 plans open the shoreline after repairing hurricane damages. Details here.

Thursday, February 20th, 2020… Clouds thicken but no snow or rain. High in the upper 30s. Tonight’s low drops to near 20. Air quality index: Good.

What’s news for Roosevelt Island…?

Primary reporting, updates by David Stone

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Closer look: FDR Four Freedoms Park in Winter…

RIOC announces Public Purpose Fund presentations for next week… complaints follow.

Senior Center Thanksgiving Volunteers
Volunteers from the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association, Historical Society and Senior Center, all Public Purpose Fund recipients, served Thanksgiving Dinner to the community’s needy in 2018. Details on 2020 Public Purpose Grants and Concerns…

Suraj Patel mounts a strong primary challenge against Carolyn Maloney for the NY-12 Congressional seat…

Suraj Patel with Roy Eaton
During his 2018 campaign, Suraj Patel came to Roosevelt Island. Here he chats with local legend Roy Eaton... 2020 Details

Click here for Foodtown’s Weekly Circular, Roosevelt Island Specials and More…

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Themed Tees, Mugs, Souvenirs, Gifts, all with a Roosevelt Island Twist, just a click away…

Why do they always get Roosevelt Island wrong…?

Smallpox Hospital Ruins, RIOC Southpoint Park
According to well-place outside media, the Smallpox Hospital is a “cat sanctuary” and the Octagon was “built as an island retreat.” Read the story…

Trader Joe’s under the Queensboro Bridge, “as soon as possible…”

Trader Joe's UES
Trader Joe’s passed the first phase of landmarks approval to build its first Upper East Side market. Details.

Art to Teach: 1619 Project, Still Marginalized, Black History Month Exhibit for Roosevelt Island

Albert Depas AMEC 3 Collage
Curator Lorraine Williams, RIOC and RIVAA deliver a stirring, artful teaching experience to Roosevelt Island with 1619 Project, Still Marginalized.

Have a look: Scenes from Opening Day at Roosevelt Island Foodtown…

Manager Freddy G. welcomed first day visitors, but there was more to see

When Roosevelt Island Foodtown Changes Everything…

“Changes everything” gets tossed around too freely, but it’s hard to overestimate the radical revolution in grocery shopping coming to Roosevelt Island. A buzz is on the street. This — Foodtown’s arrival — is what we’ve been waiting for. Details

What’s up with Four Freedoms Park for 2020?

Ascend with Pride, Four Freedoms Park
In June, during Pride Month, Four Freedoms Park unveiled the largest gay pride flag in New York history. In 2020, they expect to do even more to support freedom and human rights. Details…

Getting to Know Roosevelt Island…

Time for a long, feet on the ground look at Roosevelt Island transit options and the future…

First NYC Ferry landing on Roosevelt Island
RIOC president Susan Rosenthal, with council member Ben Kallos on hand, is first arrival on NYC Ferry to Roosevelt Island. The ferries are great but barely a dent in relieving congestion here. Take the ride…

Planned as a City of Tomorrow, Roosevelt Island was born of ideals and rose from the ashes of a city in ruins. Race riots and crime defined too much of a graffiti-scarred town.

Months before, a Daily News headline, Ford to City: Drop Dead, marked the pit of New York’s free fall.

There was nowhere to go but up, and one of first steps out of the urban cellar was Roosevelt Island.

Built on a two-mile long strip of Manhattan schist, this New York City neighborhood in the East River is as distinctive as any, and its need for reliable local information is even more unique.

The Roosevelt Island News aligns with the only local newspaper serving our community. See the Roosevelt Island Daily for events, news, calendars and more.

Up-To-Date: Roosevelt Island Tram Guide for 2020

There was nowhere to go but up, and one of first steps out of the urban cellar was Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island News for a one-of-a-kind neighborhood…

Keeping to our ideals is a greater struggle now than ever before. A neighborhood built on economic diversity battles gentrification. New market rate housing threatens to topple unity.

Balance between ideals and reality is hard to find, and political power is held by invisible string pullers in Albany.

We started the Roosevelt Island Daily as an independent source for news and opinion. Now, we take it a step farther.

Roosevelt Island News @ Assorted Ideas mixes local stories into a wider framework. We hope you enjoy the variety and range you find here..

Get to know Roosevelt Island in history…



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