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When New York City Reopens on June 8th…

When New York reopens on June 8th, at least 200,000 people go back to work, but the symbolism is even greater. A restart and a rebirth as what?

Come On, America, Let’s Face Mask

Anime Face Mask
The facts are in. This is how we end the pandemic in America.


David Stone is a New York City based writer, founding publisher of The Roosevelt Island Daily and News; author of a dozen novels, poetry and nonfiction articles and books.

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Subways, Ferries & Buses

F Trains (Essential Services–Closed from 1:00 to 5:00 a.m. daily), Roosevelt Island Tram (Closed from 1:00 to 6:00 a.m. for Cleaning), NYC Ferry (reduced) and Q102 Bus (Essential Services) on weekend schedules.

KNUCKLEHEAD ALERT: MTA’s brain trust has decided, once again, to strangle transit resources during the pandemic by denying Roosevelt Island subway service from Manhattan, this weekend, until Monday morning at 5:00.

What is Roosevelt Island?

Check on time subway status, all lines, here.

RIOC Red Buses on weekend schedules (15 minute intervals) at all times. Octagon Express Buses canceled.

Saturday’s Weather, May 30th, 2020… Summer for one more day. Warm, sunny, humid, high around 80. Air Quality Index: Good.

And, Thank You, Roosevelt Island For Doing So Much During The Pandemic

Roosevelt Islanders making pandemic adjustments at the farmers market.
At the re-opened Famers Market and elsewhere, Roosevelt Islanders have smoothly made neighborly adjustments. They share a big “Thank you,” all around.

Hey, RIOC! Let’s do something about the bicycle problem while we still have time…

Among the many adjustments prompted by the coronavirus crisis, one of the most benign and promising is the uptick in bicycle ridership. But here on Roosevelt Island, that’s meant an increase in danger too as it strains promenades built for walking shoes.

Roosevelt Island’s ready to reopen as soon as the city catches up…

Roosevelt Island Four Freedoms Park Meadow
Our parks have been clean and healthy, and now, every eating place is open for takeout or will be by June 1st.

In Short Supply: American COVID-19 Truth

Coronavirus leadership crisis
Now that we’ve raced past the 100,000 death mark, the absence of straight forward facts about our position compared the rest of the world is inexplicable. Here are the simple truths we’re not being told.

Get out, New York City! Safely Edge Toward Normal…

Safety circles, face masks and social distancing are everywhere. You can get out and enjoy spring without great risk.

Nurses Tell Their Stories From Fighting COVID-19 at Coler

Coler Staff Waiting for the Salute
Visiting nurses rushed to New York from around the country when the invisible enemy surged. These are their stories from the front line at Coler.

New York’s Highest Court Makes It Final: Rebecca Seawright Is Off the Ballot

Lou Puliafito campaigning in 2016.
Lou Puliafito runs unopposed on any major party line for the 76th District New York State Assembly. His appeal convinced the Court of Appeals that Seawright’s errors disqualified her from running.

Tram passenger limits and more safety measures from RIOC

About the RIOC Sucks Petition…

Soccer: At the Heart of the RIOC Sucks Petition
How this ball bounces — or doesn’t — fuels an angry anti-RIOC petition drive.

Locals Join the Fight to Return Composting

A look at Midtown Manhattan, two months into the coronavirus lockdown…

3rd Avenue and 54th Street
Midtown Manhattan Coronavirus Views: What’s it like on the streets, two months into the lockdown?

FDR Four Freedoms Park Now Dressed for Summer

Early in May, summer arrived in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park. All activities are cancelled, but the serene park offers relief you won’t find anywhere else.

Roosevelt Island Four Freedoms Park Meadow
In the meadow, relaxing with social distancing on a sunny afternoon.
West Walkway/Four Freedoms Park

A west side pathway along the river, newly green trees overhead.

The Room/Four Freedoms Park
Taking a break in The Room where the park tapers into the East River.
Pathways/Four Freedoms Park

Choice of summertime paths through the shaded park.

Cornell Tech 2020 Startup Awards

Cornell Tech campus construction is frozen.
While campus construction idled during New York PAUSE, the dynamics of creation continued and recognition followed.

Roosevelt Island’s Farmers Market’s Successful Reopening…

Roosevelt Island Farmers Market
Masks, gloves, social distancing and delicious foods: The Farmers Market Returns.

More Roosevelt Island News

Issue: A Farmers Market Yes, But No Composting

Complaints mount from environmental activists who argue that the budget saving move is unwise for the planet and for the budget.

From the Carter Burden Network: A Virtual Senior Center

CBN Senior Center Workout
In better times, Linda Nguyen led a Total Fitness at CBN’s Roosevelt Island Senior Center. Click here for CBN’s Virtual Senior Center.

More hints of Roosevelt Island reopening: Subway Reopens as China 1 and Fuji East Plan for June 1st…

Roosevelt Island Farmers Market
Roosevelt Island’s Farmers Market returning to Good Shepherd Plaza on Saturday highlight Hints of a Roosevelt Island Reopening

Lottery for Affordable, Mixed Income Housing at 460 Main Street in Southtown Is Now Open

Download the PDF…


In Pictures and Video, a Moving Salute to Coler Hospital/RIMC Healthcare Workers

Featured @ Roosevelt Island News…

While You Were Away… A look back at April Events on Roosevelt Island

Foodtown Delivers Free Meals for First Responders
Foodtown’s delivery of free food and beverages for Coler/RIMC first line healthcare workers echoed community spirit seen elsewhere.

Who and what are we now, Roosevelt Island?

Meeting the crisis head-on, MST&DA goes virtual

Cuomo’s & de Blasio’s Radical Subway Contamination Solution

Roosevelt Island Subway at Morning Rush
As New York City slowly reopens, Cuomo and de Blasio hope their radical plan will return scenes like this to the subway.

Tram Guide Coronavirus Update

The first Roosevelt Island Tram

Stay strong, hang on to progress, see this through…

“Stay the course, stay the course, it’s working, stay the course, stay inside, take precautions. That’s why I say that 100 times.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo
April 13th, 2020.

Want to get back to normal? Wear the damn mask, New York!

Coronavirus Truths About Coler Hospital

Fun Mocking Trump in Music Videos

Defying the Dark: Central Park, April 25th, 2020

On Roosevelt Island, Coler’s Caught in a Coronavirus Crossfire

MST&DA Goes Virtual with Children’s Spring Theatre: Wind in The Willows


In the time of coronavirus crisis, Who’s feeding Roosevelt Island’s vulnerable homebound residents?

Wendy Hersh, Roosevelt Island News file photo
Seen here volunteering to serve meals at the CBN/RI Senior Center’s Thanksgiving dinner, Wendy Hersh organizes over a hundred home food deliveries every day.

You can’t stop spring on Roosevelt Island…

On a painful Sunday, Roosevelt Island loses PSD Detective Wayne Jones…

Our Times: Tad Sudol’s photo essay on Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island On Pause: The Latest

My friend Jack McManus died…

A Great Big Thank You, Roosevelt Island!

Floral Display, Roosevelt Island, April 2020
Thank you, Roosevelt Island... A community in full bloom under pressure.

Audible Free Books, Relief for Homebound Families

“We recently launched a free listening experience for children who are isolated and away from school and friends during these troubled times,” Audible said in an email. “Only days after the launch of, many millions of children are listening around the world.”

The Roosevelt Island Community Mourns the Coronavirus-Related Death of RIOC PSD Officer Corey Fischer

“The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation mourns the passing of Officer Corey Fischer of the Public Safety Department (PSD). He passed due to complications from contracting the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Officer Fischer was a 28-year veteran of PSD and leaves behind a wife and children. He was a fine officer who dedicated his life to serving the Roosevelt Island community.
“Flags on Roosevelt Island have been lowered to half staff in honor of Corey. We will announce more information about how we will celebrate his life and career in the coming days. We ask that all Roosevelt Island residents pause for a moment to remember the life of this good officer, husband, father, and friend.”

Foodtown Roosevelt Island adds protections for employees and shoppers

Employees are tested before beginning work.
Plexiglass shields at checkout protect cashiers and shoppers

Foodtown thanks everyone for following social distancing and other healthful guidelines posted in the store.

What a difference a year makes… Roosevelt Island, April 2020

RIOC Red Bus in the Rain
Roosevelt Island stood tough, stepping up to feed needy neighbors, RIOC maintaining essential services. The scenes: April 2020.

Free meal distribution weekdays at PS/IS 217 (Source: New York City Board of Education)

  • Free “Grab and Go” meals are available for all New Yorkers.
  • Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  • Meals Hubs will operate for children and families from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, and for adults from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  • No one will be turned away at any time.
  • No registration, ID, or documentation required.
  • All three meals a day may be picked up at the same time.
  • No dining space is available, so meals must be eaten off premises.
  • Parents and guardians may pick up meals for their children‎.

UPDATED: Cornell Tech’s “still with the community,” creatively battling COVID-19

Roosevelt Island Groups Step Up. To Feed Our Neighbors. More to come…

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First Annual Roosevelt Island Film Festival, August, 2020

Roosevelt Island, Population 11,661
With some luck, the First Annual Roosevelt Island Film Festival will open safely beyond the coronavirus crisis.

UPDATED: 228 Test Positive for Coronavirus on Roosevelt Island: NYC DOH

Like no other, Roosevelt Island’s got parks and promenades…

Why our leadership crisis is worse than the coronavirus…

This is Roosevelt Island and You Can’t Stop Art: RIVAA Vernissage XIX

Alexander Movshovich
COVID-19 shut down the gallery, but we’re bringing you all the art anyway. A big display of color and imagination: Vernissage XIX on Roosevelt Island

They can’t cancel spring…

Spring 2020 in Central Park, New York City
Failures of leadership can’t change who we are. As America lumbers along, zigzagging unpredictably, like a giant with brain damage seasoned by mental illness, the center, the people, holds. Read: They can’t cancel spring.…..

It’s still okay to get your exercise hiking Four Freedoms Park

Our Proposal To Save Main Street Business During the Coronavirus Turmoil…

The Roosevelt Island Daily and News suggests that RIOC and Hudson Related cancel all rents due for Main Street businesses and nonprofits, effective now and continuing until the State of Emergency is lifted. Profiting while everyone else suffers is unreasonable and unfair.

In detail.

Primary reporting, updates by David Stone

Hey, RIOC! Save this public space…

New feature: A Guide to Roosevelt Island Historic Sites

The Graduate Roosevelt Island Hotel, Opening Soon at Cornell Tech has the following job openings. Click for details:

Almost 10 years on, we’re still dealing with a mistake nobody admits to: The Hudson Companies Paradox

Will RIOC’s fresh idea bring a “miracle on Main Street…?”

RIOC’s plans for Southpoint Park begin taking shape…

RIOC upgrades Southpoint Park, starting with the shoreline damaged by Super Storm Sandy.
Phase 1 plans open the shoreline after repairing hurricane damages. Details here.

Suraj Patel mounts a strong primary challenge against Carolyn Maloney for the NY-12 Congressional seat…

Suraj Patel with Roy Eaton
During his 2018 campaign, Suraj Patel came to Roosevelt Island. Here he chats with local legend Roy Eaton... 2020 Details

Why do they always get Roosevelt Island wrong…?

Ascend with Pride, Four Freedoms Park
In June, during Pride Month, Four Freedoms Park unveiled the largest gay pride flag in New York history. In 2020, they expect to do even more to support freedom and human rights. Details…

Getting to Know Roosevelt Island…

Time for a long, feet on the ground look at Roosevelt Island transit options and the future…

First NYC Ferry landing on Roosevelt Island
RIOC president Susan Rosenthal, with council member Ben Kallos on hand, is first arrival on NYC Ferry to Roosevelt Island. The ferries are great but barely a dent in relieving congestion here. Take the ride…

Planned as a City of Tomorrow, Roosevelt Island was born of ideals and rose from the ashes of a city in ruins. Race riots and crime defined too much of a graffiti-scarred town.

Months before, a Daily News headline, Ford to City: Drop Dead, marked the pit of New York’s free fall.

There was nowhere to go but up, and one of first steps out of the urban cellar was Roosevelt Island.

Built on a two-mile long strip of Manhattan schist, this New York City neighborhood in the East River is as distinctive as any, and its need for reliable local information is even more unique.

The Roosevelt Island News aligns with the only local newspaper serving our community. See the Roosevelt Island Daily for events, news, calendars and more.

Next Steps…

Keeping to our ideals is a greater struggle now than ever before. A neighborhood built on economic diversity battles gentrification. New market rate housing threatens to topple unity.

Balance between ideals and reality is hard to find, and political power is held by invisible string pullers in Albany.

We started the Roosevelt Island Daily as an independent source for news and opinion. Now, we take it a step farther.

Roosevelt Island News @ Assorted Ideas mixes local stories into a wider framework. We hope you enjoy the variety and range you find here..

Get to know Roosevelt Island in history…




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