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Roosevelt Island News is published fresh daily for a small town settled in the heart of New York, America’s greatest city.

What is Roosevelt Island?

F Trains (Essential Services) are barely operating, 20 minute intervals (when possible with crews available)*, Roosevelt Island Tram, NYC Ferry (reduced) and Q102 Bus (reduced) on weekday schedules. No reported problems so far.

Check on time subway status, all lines, here.

RIOC Red Buses on weekend schedules (15 minute intervals) at all times. Octagon Express Buses canceled.

What a difference a year makes… Roosevelt Island, April 2020

RIOC Red Bus in the Rain
Roosevelt Island stood tough, stepping up to feed needy neighbors, RIOC maintaining essential services. The scenes: April 2020.

Free meal distribution starts today at PS/IS 217 (Source: New York City Board of Education)

  • Free “Grab and Go” meals are available for all New Yorkers.
  • Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  • Meals Hubs will operate for children and families from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, and for adults from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.
  • No one will be turned away at any time.
  • No registration, ID, or documentation required.
  • All three meals a day may be picked up at the same time.
  • No dining space is available, so meals must be eaten off premises.
  • Parents and guardians may pick up meals for their children‎.

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Tuesday’s Weather, April 7th, 2020… More clouds in the afternoon, but plenty of sun and a high of 66. Air quality index: Good.

Roosevelt Island Groups Step Up. To Feed Our Neighbors. More to come…

Cornell Tech’s “still with the community,” creatively battling COVID-19

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First Annual Roosevelt Island Film Festival, August, 2020

Roosevelt Island, Population 11,661
With some luck, the First Annual Roosevelt Island Film Festival will open safely beyond the coronavirus crisis.

RIOC’s Statement on Their Employees Testing Positive for Coronavirus…

“Over half of RIOC employees have continued to go to work each day throughout this crisis. Our Public Safety Department has been here to keep our residents safe and serve as a vital lifeline for seniors and this disabled. Members of our Transportation Department have continued to run Red Bus service and make sure our buses operate properly. Our Groundskeepers are still working hard to keep Roosevelt Island clean and our Facilities personnel are on hand to make all essential repairs.

“The public’s concern for the well-being of our employees has been touching. Although a few of them have tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19), they are all recovering nicely and will be back at work soon. RIOC adheres to New York State’s strict protocol to quarantine all employees who come into contact with infected people. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of all Roosevelt Island residents and RIOC employees as well.”

Foodtown’s Weekly Circular Is Back..

UPDATED: 63 Test Positive for Coronavirus on Roosevelt Island: NYC DOH

Like no other, Roosevelt Island’s got parks and promenades…

Why our leadership crisis is worse than the coronavirus…

This is Roosevelt Island and You Can’t Stop Art: RIVAA Vernissage XIX

Alexander Movshovich
COVID-19 shut down the gallery, but we’re bringing you all the art anyway. A big display of color and imagination: Vernissage XIX on Roosevelt Island

Cornell Tech students reach out of help seniors with computer/internet issues for free…

Cornell Tech Students/The House
Need help ordering food or prescriptions online or have any other computer/internet related problems? If you’re a Roosevelt Island senior, Cornell Tech students and ready and waiting to help…

What are we now, Roosevelt Island…?

Roosevelt Island Red Bus Service
What are we now, Roosevelt Island? The question comes fast into focus through the lens of the coronavirus crisis. When normal strips back to essential, who and what are we?

PAUSE UPDATED: Roosevelt Island Details

Southpoint Park
Residents are urged to safely use Roosevelt Island Parks and Promenades. Here’s a list of what’s open and what’s not…

Roosevelt Island In the Spotlight

I had the opportunity today to be on Roosevelt Island visiting the Coler hospital facility and there – right this minute – new hospital beds are being created right now so that we will have additional capacity to handle this surge in coronavirus cases and to make sure that everyone else who needs hospital care for other diseases and challenges will have support as well. On Roosevelt Island at Coler, 100 new beds will be available this week, 240 will be available next week. It’s just one example of many to come where we’re finding new ways to create hospital space for those who need it. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Press Briefing, March 23rd, 2020

Heads up! Affordable housing at 460 Main Street available soon…

460 Main Street Opening Poster
Publicly announced with unaccountable stealth, Hudson Related opened a website where you can initiate your first contact for new homes at this location.

They can’t cancel spring…

Spring 2020 in Central Park, New York City
Failures of leadership can’t change who we are. As America lumbers along, zigzagging unpredictably, like a giant with brain damage seasoned by mental illness, the center, the people, holds. Read: They can’t cancel spring.…..

They can’t cancel spring and Foodtown’s helping out!

Foodtown Spring Savings

Mayor Bill de Blasio issued guidelines for New Yorkers, taking effect Sunday at 8:00.

It’s still okay to get your exercise hiking Four Freedoms Park

Saturday, March 22nd, a day of change like no other…

Our Proposal To Save Main Street Business During the Coronavirus Turmoil…

The Roosevelt Island Daily and News suggests that RIOC and Hudson Related cancel all rents due for Main Street businesses and nonprofits, effective now and continuing until the State of Emergency is lifted. Profiting while everyone else suffers is unreasonable and unfair.

In detail.

Primary reporting, updates by David Stone

Hey, RIOC! Save this public space…

An Updated List of Coronavirus Related Cancellations for Roosevelt Island & New York City…

New feature: A Guide to Roosevelt Island Historic Sites

Crowd for Cherry Blossom Fesitival Performances, Four Freedoms Park

RIOC’s Board Has Been Busy… Approving Citi Bike Pilot for Rosevelt Island…

RIOC Citi Bike Deal

…and a welcome approval of public purpose fund grants

RIOC president Susan Rosenthal at the 1619 Project event.
RIOC president Susan Rosenthal at the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association’s Black History Month opening in February.

The Graduate Roosevelt Island Hotel, Opening Soon at Cornell Tech has the following job openings. Click for details:

Almost 10 years on, we’re still dealing with a mistake nobody admits to: The Hudson Companies Paradox

Will RIOC’s fresh idea bring a “miracle on Main Street…?”

We never thought you’d ask… But what is Roosevelt Island, really?

RIOC’s plans for Southpoint Park begin taking shape…

RIOC upgrades Southpoint Park, starting with the shoreline damaged by Super Storm Sandy.
Phase 1 plans open the shoreline after repairing hurricane damages. Details here.

Closer look: FDR Four Freedoms Park in Winter…

Suraj Patel mounts a strong primary challenge against Carolyn Maloney for the NY-12 Congressional seat…

Suraj Patel with Roy Eaton
During his 2018 campaign, Suraj Patel came to Roosevelt Island. Here he chats with local legend Roy Eaton... 2020 Details

Why do they always get Roosevelt Island wrong…?

Smallpox Hospital Ruins, RIOC Southpoint Park
According to well-place outside media, the Smallpox Hospital is a “cat sanctuary” and the Octagon was “built as an island retreat.” Read the story…

What’s up with Four Freedoms Park for 2020?

Ascend with Pride, Four Freedoms Park
In June, during Pride Month, Four Freedoms Park unveiled the largest gay pride flag in New York history. In 2020, they expect to do even more to support freedom and human rights. Details…

Getting to Know Roosevelt Island…

Time for a long, feet on the ground look at Roosevelt Island transit options and the future…

First NYC Ferry landing on Roosevelt Island
RIOC president Susan Rosenthal, with council member Ben Kallos on hand, is first arrival on NYC Ferry to Roosevelt Island. The ferries are great but barely a dent in relieving congestion here. Take the ride…

Planned as a City of Tomorrow, Roosevelt Island was born of ideals and rose from the ashes of a city in ruins. Race riots and crime defined too much of a graffiti-scarred town.

Months before, a Daily News headline, Ford to City: Drop Dead, marked the pit of New York’s free fall.

There was nowhere to go but up, and one of first steps out of the urban cellar was Roosevelt Island.

Built on a two-mile long strip of Manhattan schist, this New York City neighborhood in the East River is as distinctive as any, and its need for reliable local information is even more unique.

The Roosevelt Island News aligns with the only local newspaper serving our community. See the Roosevelt Island Daily for events, news, calendars and more.

Up-To-Date: Roosevelt Island Tram Guide for 2020

Keeping to our ideals is a greater struggle now than ever before. A neighborhood built on economic diversity battles gentrification. New market rate housing threatens to topple unity.

Balance between ideals and reality is hard to find, and political power is held by invisible string pullers in Albany.

We started the Roosevelt Island Daily as an independent source for news and opinion. Now, we take it a step farther.

Roosevelt Island News @ Assorted Ideas mixes local stories into a wider framework. We hope you enjoy the variety and range you find here..

Get to know Roosevelt Island in history…




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