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Roosevelt Island News is written for a small town settled in the heart of the America’s greatest city. Built on a two-mile long strip of Manhattan schist, this New York City neighborhood in the East River is as distinctive as any, and our need for reliable local information is similarly unique.

It’s Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

MST&DA’s Musical Holiday Plans for 2019, Caroling & A Show

MST&DA Musical Holiday 2019
Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance opens the Tree Lighting Ceremony with caroling and numbers from A Christmas Carol, which they open on December 13th. Click here for details.

Time, a RIVAA Members Exhibit with added artwork from The Child School

The café at Cornell Tech’s new menus, this week, featuring Fajita World Bowl…

Hudson Related’s 503 Main Street Mess…

We heard about it first in 2016, the wine bar gearing up to open at 503 Main Street. Owner David Nasser made his case for a liquor license at Community Board 8 in October, that year. And subsequently, Hudson Related repeatedly touted its opening on the near horizon, most recently when Hudson president David Kramer performed a ridiculous medley of claims in front of RIOC’s ultra passive Board in September. But like much of Main Street Retail, the truth is nothing like that and is, in fact, far worse.
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Featured: I twice saw UFOs over Manhattan. So, what?

NYC Nighttime Skyline with Empire State Building
I saw 2 UFOs over New York City. Two separate instances, from my window facing Manhattan’s Upper East Side, across the East River. They were both in plain view, one red, one green. But that’s really not the story. Continue reading…

You’re invited. Click for details.

December 3rd Town Hall Brings Amanda Matthews to Discuss Nellie Bly Memorial

Bicyclists are at increasing risk, but why?

Bicycle riders at risk is a weekly theme in New York City where deaths increased dramatically, this year. Debates follow over who’s at fault, reckless drivers or careless riders? But people are dying, and no one has convincing answers on how to stop it.
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Sabrina and The Octagon…a story goes back almost 200 years.

Isolated on a patch of grass behind the Octagon, the Sabrina statue looks like an afterthought, alone, out of place, no other artwork in sight. Passing it a thousand times, I was never curious enough to take notice. Then, after news of how carefully it was handled while making way for the Water Tunnel 3 detour, my wife searched and discovered Sabrina’s checkered past. But we still had to figure out how it ended up in the backyard of a Roosevelt Island apartment complex. We had to go back almost 200 years.
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Laura Hussey’s Portraits of Friends opens at The Octagon

About New York’s 56 year old ghost tunnel under Roosevelt Island

63rd Street Ghost Tunnel
New York’s Ghost Tunnel was conceived in 1963. It was a different New York, about to be convulsed in civil and financial crises. In February, the Transit Authority proposed a two track subway tunnel under 76th Street. It would connect with the new 2nd Avenue Subway.
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Roosevelt Island project critical to the future of Brooklyn & Queens…

DEP Water Testing on Roosevelt Island
Roosevelt Island’s critical role in New York City Water Tunnel #3 is not well-known. But it’s the largest capital construction project in City history, and we’re in the middle. Click here to continue reading…

UPDATED: Visiting Alice Aycock’s East River Roundabout

Alice Aycock East River Roundabout
Alice Aycock’s East River Roundabout is “a theater around which New York City enacts itself. And the viewer becomes a spectator in the play of the City as well as an actor competing phenomena.” That came from the artist, and it tells us how to look at it. And that’s best if you squint and limit your view. Click here to continue reading…

Roosevelt Island News: Featured Reads

Skyline Fog
Ideas from our library to clear the fog…

Are Humans Really Different?

Are humans really different? The answer is obvious but not simple

You Don’t Meditate? Why Not?

You don’t meditate? Why not? You usually have better judgment.

Karen’s Pilates, fitness for Roosevelt Island

Learn more about Karen’s Pilates here…

Local news, weather, calendar and more: The Roosevelt Island Daily

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Karen's Pilates
Karen’s Pilates for health and spirit.

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Planned as a City of Tomorrow, Roosevelt Island was born of ideals and rose from the ashes of a city in ruins. Race riots and crime defined too much of a graffiti-scarred town.

Months before, a Daily News headline, Ford to City: Drop Dead, marked the pit of New York’s free fall.

There was nowhere to go but up, and one of first steps out of the urban cellar was Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island News for a one-of-a-kind neighborhood…

Keeping to our ideals is a greater struggle now than ever before. A neighborhood built on economic diversity battles gentrification. New market rate housing threatens to topple unity.

Balance between ideals and reality is hard to find, and political power is held by invisible string pullers in Albany.

We started the Roosevelt Island Daily as an independent source for news and opinion. Now, we take it a step farther.

Roosevelt Island News @ Assorted Ideas mixes local stories into a wider framework. We hope you enjoy the variety and range you find here..

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