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Gauguin's puppies and cat

Gauguin’s Puppies with a Cat

Paul Gauguin’s puppies with a cat…   Long before a spiritually tormented Paul Gauguin painted Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, which he considered his masterpiece, his path from birth in Paris to Tahiti featured a smorgasbord of hot and cold life […]

Cat in Degas's Hat Shop

Cat in Degas’s Hat Shop

About the cat in Degas’s hat shop… By David Stone   Edgar Degas is probably the least loved of the impressionists whose revolution he helped lead. Based solely on his art, he should be one of the most admired. A pioneer, his work frames a part of art history […]

Paul Cézanne’s Cats

Paul Cézanne’s cats couldn’t resist that apple basket and all the great things in it. As soon as he wander off for lunch, they did the cat thing. Secretly. The Cats in Paul Cézanne’s Apple Basket By David Stone One way to look at Paul Cézanne’s career is […]

Pierre Bonnard's Cats

Pierre Bonnard Cats

Pierre Bonnard Cats, an Impressionist Afternoon By David Stone French impressionist Pierre Bonnard didn’t paint many cats, at least not as many among his canvases as I’d have liked. Bonnard is one of my favorites. So are cats. I wish they’d gotten together more often. Bonnard enhanced his […]