So, there’s this battle over a French rooster is completely fowl. Advertisements


Which America Do You Celebrate? June 13th, 2016, I got up early Sunday morning, hours before the full horror of the murders at Pulse, Orlando’s lively gay nightclub, were known. For the rest of the morning, it was like an ugly storm that would not let up.

Back then, I never expected to write these words: America Is Not Great, but an article in the New York Times, Please Stop Telling Me America is Great, aroused some thoughts I tried to ignore.

So, What’s With The Bucket List Thing? Dump your bucket list ideas. They’re tiresome. Every treasured trinket, location or event lands in somebody’s bucket list, and we get to hear about it. Stories about my family and friends’ vacations and achievements are great. Lists about what hasn’t been checked offContinue Reading

The Vietnam War Still Hurts Timeline, 1967: my best friend and I spend a summer playing baseball, riding horses and talking about girls. We’re 19 years old. Timeline, 1968: my best friend, now a Marine writes from Viet Nam bragging about his “confirmed kills,” emphasizing how many are women andContinue Reading