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The New American Icon

The new American icon strikes a cold contrast with the flag I learned to respect as a kid. That one got special handling, and it was alive, more than a symbol, an active reminder of values. The American flag’s dirty now, dirtier still in the time of Trump […]

Walk The Brooklyn Bridge

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge… That’s how my friend kicked off tours of New York City, herding visitors off on a hike up the Brooklyn Bridge. No need to go all the way up. After a few hundred feet, you see the city as you’ve never seen it before, and […]

Star Spangled Banner Story

The Star Spangled Banner Story ain’t what they taught us back in school, although that version skims some truth. I wanted to know more. The song brings a lump up in my throat every time I hear it float over 50,000 fellow fans at Yankee Stadium. I can’t […]