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Why Roberto Monticello Really Is The Legendary Mayor… of Meatpacking

Who is Mayor of Meatpacking, and how did Roberto Monticello get that title? More important, why is he better known for that than for his enormous good works?

Computer Vision syndrome

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

What is Computer Vision Syndrome? If you spend a lot of your working hours staring at a screen, you probably sometimes have the same dry, burning eyes and blurred vision. There’s a name for that: Computer Vision Syndrome. by David Stone We Don’t Know How Big the Problem […]

Greece Spa for American Spirits

Greece Spa for American Spirits celebrates the healing affect of time well-spent surrounded by the Aegean Sea. A prescription for America malaise…? Time in Greece… Getting away from millennials lost in their smart phones, tourists moving so slowly you think they may have stopped and the filth of […]