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New York City Crime is missing

Broken people: My 9/11 Neighborhood

On a Morning Before the Whole World Changed Broken people, 9/11 neighborhood…Ten years ago, for example, just yesterday really, I climbed up subway steps grimy with the soot of a million shoes before mine. Photo by Deborah Julian / Fine Art Street Photos Within the weave through which […]

Bee Propolis the cure, also made by bees.

Bee Propolis The Cure

Like other traditional remedies in continuous use for centuries, bee propolis hasn’t been studied enough because there’s little money to be made from patenting a cure that’s aided wellness since at least Hippocrates. That makes it mysterious, but the potential benefits of propolis are enormous.

How smart are cats? Part 2

So, how smart are cats, really? I probably talk too much about how smart cats are, but on the other hand, I found my black cat Billy’s peculiar habit baffling, in a sadly stupid way. It was a little depressing. Then, quirkily assisted by my wife, we learned […]

Why do we evolve

Why Do We Evolve? Part I

Why do we evolve? We know that we do, but do we know why? Our emotional, sensual response to the sight and smell of a flower encourages us to take one step after another until we reach the source. Not unlike other investigating creatures, we smell and touch […]