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Going Home Illusions

Going Home Illusions

About Going Home Illusions… There must once have been at least a jiffy of wholeness, a twinkle in the cohesion of seamless belonging. Every cell may contain the residues in its universal library. Our desire to rejoin seasons every step, pushing against the gravity of reason. It’s a […]

An American Decade of Death

1960s American Decade of Death

1960s American Decade of Death is from Amazing: Truths About Conscious Awareness and is edited for online reading. It’s a cliché that history is written by the winners, and a dishonest one. History is written by all sorts of people. Samuel Eliot Morrison, for example, wrote a history […]

Summer Vacations

About Summer Vacations

About summer vacations… Like, do we ever really have one? By David Stone What is a vacation, after all? When I was a boy, sleeping late in the morning, no yellow school bus, black lettering on the side announcing the district, advancing up through the sunny morning along […]