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Love is in the air, black cat style

When love is in the air, a black cat showered in hearts makes the best spokesperson… Artwork by Deborah Julian Other popular cat artwork by Deborah Julian includes the hilarious Van Gogh’s Bedroom (with cats) and Black Cat in Monet’s Garden. About Van Gogh’s Bedroom (with cats) Local […]

Gauguin's puppies and cat

Gauguin’s Puppies with a Cat

Paul Gauguin’s puppies with a cat…   Long before a spiritually tormented Paul Gauguin painted Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, which he considered his masterpiece, his path from birth in Paris to Tahiti featured a smorgasbord of hot and cold life […]

Bonnard Bathers with a Cat

Bonnard Bathers with a Cat

Bonnard Bathers with a Cat is from Famous Artists Cats: The Book by Deborah Julian & David Stone)   I’ve been a Pierre Bonnard fan from the day I first saw his paintings. For me, many of his pictures are as beautiful as anything by Monet, as original as […]