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Happy Cats New York Window

Happy Cats, Happy Homes

Happy cats make happy homes even happier. They add a feline twist to appreciating life, making us see things differently.

When George Died

When George died…

When George died is a short poem about a cat who changed my life…. When George died,every cat in the universesstopped purring for precisely one second.The change in vibrations never reversed. More from a morning’s inspiration… When my father died When my brother died When my mother died […]

Cats in Paris Cards

Cats in Paris Greeting Cards is a set of five of my most popular greeting cards in one bundle. All of these images started out as illustrations for my book Travels With George: Paris. More… Cat Lover Gift Set Cat Greeting Cards 5 Blank Handmade Cats in Paris […]

What your cats wants you to know

Are Animals Smart?

Are animals smart? And Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are? by David Stone That question is the title of a new book by primatologist and bestselling author Frans de Waal. It’s a must read for fans of writers who open new vistas into how […]