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Evolution: Wild, Free and Dangerous…

A rough, gray sky, exposed by first light of day, hung windless above the concrete and glass skyline thrown 500 feet into the air, contrast illustrating the spectrum of human evolution, wild, free and dangerous to safe and comfortable. Is it really a win?

Why do we evolve

Why Do We Evolve? Part I

Why do we evolve? We know that we do, but do we know why? Our emotional, sensual response to the sight and smell of a flower encourages us to take one step after another until we reach the source. Not unlike other investigating creatures, we smell and touch […]

Depak Chopra's joke about consciousness

Truths About Conscious Awareness

Truths about conscious awareness… There must once have been at least a jiffy of wholeness, a twinkle in the cohesion of seamless belonging. Every cell may contain residues of history in its universal library. Our desire to rejoin seasons every step, pushing against the gravity of reason. It’s […]

Was It Evolution… and Now?

Was It Evolution? is from Amazing: Truths About Conscious Awareness What’s next for evolution after a community conquers the challenges hovering outside and lurking inside, the great mass of them anyway? It weakens. It must. Just as rivers slow when banks are breached.