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mother putting a face mask on her daughter

New Covid Cases Plunge 25% or More as Behavior Changes

Christina Jewett   January 28, 2021 A dozen states are reporting drops of 25% or more in new covid-19 cases and more than 1,200 counties have seen the same, federal data released Wednesday shows. Experts say the plunge may relate to growing fear of the virus after it […]

woman sitting on luggage

Heading Off the Next Pandemic

Jim Robbins   January 4, 2021 As the covid-19 pandemic heads for a showdown with vaccines it’s expected to lose, many experts in the field of emerging infectious diseases are already focused on preventing the next one. They fear another virus will leap from wildlife into humans, one […]

people with face masks and latex gloves holding a globe

“Those of Us Who Don’t Die Are Going to Quit”: A Crush of Patients, Dwindling Supplies and the Nurse Who Lost Hope

by J. David McSwane/ProPublic This article was originally published in ProPublica ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. Nurse Kristen Cline was working a 12-hour shift in October at the Royal C. Johnson […]

girl getting vaccinated


Natural scientists have done their part by creating vaccines. To get people to take them, we need social science. By Jill Richardson | December 22, 2020 With the new COVID-19 vaccine available, Dr. Anthony Fauci says Americans can begin to achieve herd immunity by next summer. Herd immunity occurs when so many […]

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