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Signage Clutter, Motorgate Garage

Motorgate Mess: Why Can’t RIOC Ever Get It Right?

The RIOC Motorgate mess, going on now for over a year, again shows how inept indifference disrupts community life. Residents want calm, and RIOC is unable to provide it.

Is RIOC Ado Annie?

Is RIOC Ado Annie, the governmental version of Rogers and Hammerstein’s libidinous teenager? For 70 years, Annie’s the “girl who can’t say, ‘No,’” and when it comes to residential complex managers and contractors, RIOC can’t either.

RIOC Caves at Manhattan Park

Real estate developer, public safety offender, earns RIOC free pass RIOC caves at Manhattan Park, handing them a free pass. For days, the real estate company blithely put lives at risk. The State twiddled its thumbs, then kissed butt. It did not surprise longtime observers. We’ve seen it […]