Roosevelt Island News: Cherry Blossom Festival 2019

RI Cherry Blossom Festival Nixed

Any ideas about a Cherry Blossom Festival for Roosevelt Island this year got nixed yesterday. Last year’s organizers conceded defeat, without accepting responsibility for the 2019 fiasco. All around bungling did the trick.

MTA Bus Plan Fight

MTA Bus Plan Fight Rallies

An MTA bus plan fight rallied quickly on Roosevelt Island in the last several days. Efforts rose from multiple directions as news about killing Q102 service spread. Reporting by David Stone A few years back, the MTA severely limited Q102 bus service on Roosevelt Island by cutting all […]

Susan Rosenthal and Ben Kallos at Roosevelt Island Tree Lighting 201

Roosevelt Island Tree Lighting 2019

Roosevelt Island’ Tree Lighting for 2019, blessed with mild weather and superbly organized, lit up Friday night. Around 500 crowded the Rivercross Lawn for a holiday festival. Roosevelt Island Tree Lighting 2019 starts with caroling. A little after six, the cast from Main Street Theatre and Dance Alliance’s […]