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Roosevelt Island Contrasts

Roosevelt Island: Love Song In Photos by Tad Sudol

For a Roosevelt Island photo essay, Tad Sudol reacted to a community on Pause by hauling out his camera and artist’s eye, recording favorite views.

Shoes: Real Time Photography

About Shoes: Real Time Photography…  “A decision must be made…” That caption came to mind when I saw a pair of shoes left beside a doorway. They were just a pair of shoes, but these were different. Especially in bad weather, people leave their shoes out. They dry […]

Canal Street New York City

Canal Street New York City

Canal Street, New York City, is where anything loose in the city seems to tumble. This fine art photograph is a kind of composite. From Chinatown to McDonalds, all along the subway spine. Canal Street Station in Chinatown is a kind of found art everywhere you look, an […]

Images of New York City

Images of New York City bring an angular view to urban spaces, seen through street photography. Catching what’s missed in the rush. Balloon Girl (Soho) by Deborah Julian Up Close, What Does New York City Look Like? Deborah Julian is a New York City based street and urban […]