It happened again, just a few days ago. If you hate Amazon, as the New York Times wants you to, it was perfect. Advertisements


In the Odyssey, “Sailing over the wine-dark sea” was how Homer described the Aegean Sea nearly 3,000 years ago. Today, he’d feel his pulse quicken, roused by the allure of those waters. An archipelago stretches from the Greek mainland south into the Mediterranean Sea.

A Room’s color affects mood, but we’ve only begun to understand how we process color in our minds, create it, and how it influences what we do, think and feel. My friend Barbara Tremblay Cipak (best known as Brite-Ideas), wrote an article on the topic worth sharing.

Omnibus 1965 Poem

Omnibus 1965 Poem Who could ever forget? Riding all night on that half-empty Greyhound, waking in the alone notime darkness of Nebraska waking to the smell of gristmill corn, being filled, mistaking, in half-sleep, the scent of being in love again…   Traveling other roads, 1972 I find my childContinue Reading

Hard Dreams Poem

Hard Dreams poem.. One night, deep in an uncertain period in my life, I sat in the dark, smoking a cigarette and looking down a narrow alley to the street at a single streetlight. Cars and trucks blurred under it. Insights came, showing me how it’s all makebelieve, an agreedContinue Reading