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When George Died

When George died…

When George died is a short poem about a cat who changed my life…. When George died,every cat in the universesstopped purring for precisely one second.The change in vibrations never reversed. More from a morning’s inspiration… When my father died When my brother died When my mother died […]

Birth of the Cool, Miles Davis

Birth of the Cool released anew: YRB’s Jonn Nubian talks to the next Miles Davis generation Before Kind of Blue, the best jazz album of all time, the Miles David Nonet released Birth of the Cool. That groundbreaking album gets featured in a new release today. YRB‘s executive […]

FIGMENT NYC 2019 Today

FIGMENT NYC 2019 kicked off today In New York on Roosevelt Island. June 1st, 2019, Roosevelt Island welcomed its first FIGMENT NYC participatory art project in Lighthouse Park. The crowd for this fun family event was perfectly light, and it was manageable, under fair morning skies.